Recently I have been getting more and more inquiries about using my studio as a public facility.  People expect me to be able to provide the same service at the same price as facilities paid for by tax payers.  Those facilities are not self sufficient, they are great for a community to offer, just like a swimming pool, skate park, and soccer fields which are also not self sufficient.  Even museums and science centres are subsidized by the tax payer and occasionally sponsorship by a large corporation receiving tax incentives.  This is how the world of community services works.

Bussard grove pottery studio is my transformed garage, it is located at my “home” not funded by the tax payers.  I have invested at least 10,000 dollars into the creation of my studio, I am 55 years old, this is my career, it isn’t a hobby.  I am thankful everyday that I love what I do.

I am writing this because most of these phone calls become angry and frustrated with me because they just want to be able to make pottery and work with clay.  they are looking for a place where they can go work with clay.  I do understand their frustration.

I would like them to understand, Tax payers have not contributed in any way to the location, equipment or the paying of the operating costs or my income.  At locations such as cedar hill there are staff getting paid 26 dollars an hour to be there so the public can use the the facilities.  This doesn’t include the cost of operating the facilities, repair and maintenance, or equipment.

I teach classes so others have the opportunity, I love people getting to take part in, explore and getting to fall in love with creating with clay.

I teach classes, and I create my own work from the is location, I am a full-time artist.  I have limited space, pottery takes up a lot of space and has a lot of time consuming steps.  To operate a drop in studio is just not feasible or space wise possible.

While the space is pretty good for teaching there is one logistics problem and that is the studio has no bathroom.  When i am teaching and a student needs the bathroom i have no problem with them making the trek through the house.  To have open studio drop ins come into my home, use my equipment, and trek through my house to the bathroom.  I would still be required to be present, and have to put up with public entering into my private space when i am having time off  which is what i am doing if i am not in the studio or trying to work on my own practice.  Then there is the time and cost put into firing, mixing glazes, cleaning, utilities costs, etc for drop ins, the feasible fee I could charge would be 95.00 per hour. So if you could guarantee me 95.00 an hour plus firing fees then i might consider it.

a better idea would be to put more pressure on the local mayor and council to make sure they are aware this is a facility you think the community should have.

I have been trying to get the message across to them for 5 years, art is recreation, art is good for the community, but my voice is only one.

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