om laghu bhavam, i am lightness itself

om laghu bhavam

om laghu bhavam – i am lightness itself

Om Laghu Bhavam – Day 1

Laghu means “lightness,” or “having the quality of space.” Bhavam is our state of consciousness. This mantra affirms that, “My essential nature is lightness itself,” helping to align our outer world with our inner truth.

thought for the day;  my struggle has ended i am in harmony with myself.

an intimate cup for the daily ritual we all do with out thought or consideration as we drink our tea, coffee, or what the choice of beverage might be.  This is the first in a series of 21, each on meant to be similar but not the same.  My intent is to make them each a one of a kind experience.

for the next 20 days i will post another cup.  in the end they make up a complete series for the 21 day meditation.


meditation cup, om laghu bhavam

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