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just remember, the best part of being an artist is making things, feeling emotions and being invested in your practice

Artist Anxiety, SOOKE FINE ARTS SHOW 2016

Artist anxiety, just something we all get to live with, today the results for one events jurying was announced, Bussard Grove Pottery - "Beach Find" got into the Sooke Fine Arts Show 2016,  Every year i know all artists sit holding our breath to see if our work is...


THREE days, APRIL 2 SATURDAY and 3 SUNDAY, 10am – 2pm
projects will be taken home to complete by april 12th, returned for firing then come back to apply glaze or finishes of your choice. april 23rd. BUSSARD GROVE STUDIOS IN SOOKE, BC

great pottery throw down

Hi all just a little organization, thought i would repost the episodes of  the great pottery throw down, all organized on one page.  As the new episodes come out i will add them to the one page so they will all be together and easier to find. if you haven't had a...

potters hand survival

Potters Dry hands, and skin care for your hands.  I don't have all the ideas or answers but these are few of the products and techniques I have found over the years the help me get the oils back in the skin of my hands. a bit of back ground information, skin has a ph...

great pottery throw down 2

episode 2, the great pottery throw down.  I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but after last weeks antics I am looking forward to what they will do this week.  I thought originally the show was going to show much more experienced potters, these are for the most...

pottery thrown altered cup

This was a way i developed to alter, create texture and add imagery to pots thrown on the wheel, It is my own unique way of throwing mugs, which was further added to a number of other items.  The stamps are made from thrown cylinders cut up similar to the way I make...


WRITE TO YOUR SOOKE MAYOR AND COUNCIL. Recently I have been getting more and more inquiries about using my studio as a public facility.  People expect me to be able to provide the same service at the same price as facilities paid for by tax payers.  Those facilities...


Friday is Fun Night, COME JOIN THE FUN, we have an evening of conversation and creative expression, we supply the general idea and you take it where you create your own interpretation.  This week at bussard grove pottery we will be doing a whimsical expressions wall...

Reservations – Friday evening

Friday evenings, 7-9, all materials included, adults 35.00, children 12 and under 20.00 must be accompanied by an adult.  250-664- 6588  call me if you have any questions, please leave a message, i will return your call i usually have muddy hands. [contact-form-7...

October 16th drop in

DROP IN POTTERY SESSION OCTOBER 16TH if i just HAD a little dish... to put my gift cookies in, to give as a gift with soaps, coffee, teas, candles.... Have you ever been trying to set up a table or buffet for entertaining and thought if i just a little basket, tray...

12 fridays till christmas

  the studio is hopping with everyones individual style, we provide the how to knowledge and you make it your own special creation.  Come MAKE SOME MEMORIES  and create one of kind special gifts for all the people you love.  

clive bowen video

the soulful wonder of pottery, for use, I love this video of Clive and didn't want to loose it, and wanted to share it with everyone. we will be making slip ware pieces in the new year.  serving dishes,

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