21 day meditation, shedding the weight

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Shedding the weight.  weight is more than what we carry around as a physical person, it is also everything ephemeral we hold inside, memories, fears, and how they all manifest with in us.  I began this 21 meditation offer by Oprah and Deepak a few months ago.  I have never done “meditation” before.  I think physical exercise could be a form of meditation.  but that is a whole other story.

Day one of the meditation it occurred to me as the day went on that i would like to have something to be a reminder of the mantra and that would bring back the “healing thought for the day” and it occurred to me, stopping for a cup of tea, coffee, water,  or what ever you desire is like a mini meditation.   I started making cups each day,  I wanted it to be an intimate cup, the kind you hold in your hand, with bumps and dips for my fingers to find, i wanted the mantra to be there, but not emblazon on the exterior like a neon light flashing, so i put it on the inside, right about where the first sip would reveal it.

(of course the first time through the 21 days, the cups were in the process of creation)

If you wonder why i do the 21 days over and over, its because i believe we are only capable to absorb, learn and change what we are ready for.  Like reading the same poem, or book and writing down what we got from it, then doing it again in a year and finding i see things in it i never saw before.

Welcome to my 21 day project,   and thank you Oprah and Deepak for offering the opportunity for free..

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day 1, Om Laghu Bhavam - I am lightness itself

Om Laghu Bhavam
I am lightness itself. My struggle has ended. I am in harmony with myself.

day 2, Om Svayam Agurutva Lightness is my true self

Day 2
Transforming Heavy to Light
I am endlessly renewed in the present moment.

Om Svayam Agurutva
Lightness is my true self.

om shanti om, i radiate peace

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