Sooke Fine Arts Show - Announcement - Today- 2pm

it isn't easy

Okay so hard as I try I get all knotted up inside on this day every year.  This is the show I know I am not guaranteed to get into.  And that is a good thing!

Yes it is a good thing, this is the one show I am aware of where the pieces are selected by an independent ever changing jury every year.  While I might not always agree with their selections, and sometimes even hate them, It creates the most exciting provocative art event I get to either be in or simply attend every year.  

As an artist who generally puts everything I have into bodies of work, rejection still has that stabbing pain, the monsters of self doubt, and judgement from the dark side swirl in and out of my mind and my soul.   There are moments when I will begin to question what I am doing, stand back, take a hard look, become overly analytical, and critical.   I tend to approach it as I failed to communicate my message, I failed to connect with the audience in some way.  

Then there is the little tiny super hero who flies in with the light rays pushing the darkness away, reminding me those or only three people, they looked at photographs, nothing is contextualized in this show, some of the jurors have very commercial ideas of what art is,  some are not well informed in many mediums, some do not even appear to know how to critically evaluate the work.  

Now if I do get in, I flip flop, and honestly, when i am not being rejected feel jurying isn't much more than a crap shoot.  I have seen great work at this show, and I have seen substandard work receive awards, but that is only my personal jury critique and I am only one.  

Jurying is always going to be subjective, because every individual brings their own set of values, memories, life experiences, and knowledge to draw upon.  

So at 2 pm today i will head to the computer with my heart pounding my chest, fearful to look and see if I have received an email.  Right now, my feeling inside is isn't a good one, and wonder if my intuition is real or if self doubt is stronger.

I guess because this one is in my own back yard, it tugs just a little harder...

Best of luck to everyone who has entered



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