Trials and Tribulations

Some firings go the way you plan and some don't. With an electric kiln i have to admit it becomes predictable, until your elements fail and all of a sudden you have new elements and a new pyrometer. hmmmmmm I have to admit i was really enjoying the longer firings, kind of like the lazy meandering summer stream that you can float down and know you will eventually get there. Then there are new elements that are like a down hill ski run. (My kiln has a controller but it is one of the earlier ones, with only one pyrometer and no zone controls.) I do all temperatures of firing, and i do crystalline The crystalline i have been doing lately are more about the intersection area where two glazes meet, the interaction that happens, and less about the clear back grounds with large pansy crystals. There is a whole universe out there to explore inside the studio.


This last firing had some a number of losers, they were suppose to be crystalline pieces, but the actual temp inside the kiln is hotter than what I had become accustomed to, another learning opportunity. But the kiln gods were nice to me and left with enough of another good thing.

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