A wise Canadian potter once told me years ago while i was attending his workshop that to be a potter is to be forever an apprentice, which in my case is so true.  Perhaps if I were the type of potter who just does one thing and only one thing forever always the same, over and over I could become a master, but my inquisitive and questioning nature makes that not so.  Everything has it’s positive and negative side, and i am content with mine. I am also  very open to trying new ways of doing things and this is going to be my next change in how i approach throwing large pieces. This is a video of the most unique way of opening up i have had the experience of seeing.  I have been to many many workshops, and 4 years of majoring in ceramic arts and never have i seen anyone open from the top, it just makes so much sense.  I love the thought of not having all that clay on the wheel head that i have to move all the way up the pot.  Watch the video and then you will see what i mean.

Lee Hyang_Gu

As well check out icheon pottery masters video, I am in awe. Maybe it is a potters thing, but i love watching other potters work.

Icheon Masters – Korea

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