Last year the show stopping mug of Circle Craft was the Nasty Cat Mug, sold out the third day!, For those of you who missed out, Great news is I have some more for this year! in the great glorious colors of indigo purple, mauve blue, honey white, and minty green.  yummy juicy glazes.

Now for the really big announcement, this one according to all those who have access to my personal fb page and all the potter friends i have out there is getting way more attention than the rest.  Wish i had hundreds, unfortunately i have very limited numbers.  It is going to sell  out,

Each year when i get over busy in my studio things just happen, I wanted to design an image i could applique onto work, possibly that could also work on items in white.  Hard for me to stick to white when there are all these wonderful colors out there.  This particular glaze is one i have been working on for two years.  No i don’t get to go to the art store and buy my paint, i have to mix my glaze from experimental recipes similar to a how a baker does cake recipes.  This is the result, it is particular, and requires porcelain clay to come out this lovely, but ooh, i think it is worth it.

west coast tree indigo mug - 39.00

west coast tree indigo mug – 39.00

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