Here it is, The Great Pottery Throw down, episode 2

episode 2, the great pottery throw down.  I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but after last weeks antics I am looking forward to what they will do this week.  I thought originally the show was going to show much more experienced potters, these are for the most part intermediate with lots of enthusiasm.

It is definitely an enjoyable watch, and I eagerly look forward to what each week is going to bring.

I would love to see us figure a version of this we potters could do in the new year.  I have some ideas how we could do and present it online, and switch it up public voting involved as well, for fun.  then we could a huge group show in the late spring of everyone involved.  just an idea  i am throwing around in my brain.

let me know what you think

enjoy the show, i have to get into the studio and get to work


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