dry hands, worn finger nails

Potters Dry hands, and skin care for your hands.  I don’t have all the ideas or answers but these are few of the products and techniques I have found over the years the help me get the oils back in the skin of my hands.

a bit of back ground information, skin has a ph balance slightly on the acidic side, this helps our skin heal and fight bacteria.  Clay as we all know because of our knowledge of glaze chemistry is alkaline which is the opposite side of the ph scale.  Too much alkalinity and the ph balance of our skin is blown off balance.

I find when mine gets extreme the lotion won’t even absorb into my skin, unless i follow my grandma’s simple advice for dry potters hands,  bring the balance back to the skin

This was a remedy my grandma used when she was a sculptor/potter, rub apple cider vinegar on your hands and let air dry, (doesn’t smell very good)  then apply your lotion.

I have tried all kinds of lotions over the years, recently i found coconut seems to do a really good job.  I am sure there are as many remedies as their are grandmas out there.  I am looking forward to a little decadence and trying out this beeswax balm i found posted on line.

as for worn off fingernails, if you have really good answers for that one let me know.  I find when i am doing plates, and bottomless forms i am wearing away the surface of my finger nail to the point where the bat is covered in ring of blood.  it is pretty painful not having a finger nail.

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