EVERYTHING COUNTS, EVERYTHING you do as an artists builds your vocabulary. Sometimes you have to take the #longwayhome to get to where you are going.  Which is kind of how i felt ever since i graduated from art school.  It has been a struggle, feeling like i had to deny everything i did prior to school as if it didn’t have value or count.  I think its been a long way home…

I recently found myself being pulled to go back and re look at how i could incorporate the geographic organic slabs of clay i had been working with back in 2000.  In some ways i loved it, I loved the fluid lines that happened as a result of throwing and stretching the soft twisted pieces of clay and then using them to embellish the surface of pots and sculpture.  On a few pieces i had used them for handles but kept feeling like i needed to find a way to give it more of something, the one flat side was distracting and while it was a contrast, i didn’t feel it was dynamic.  something about it was kind of lame.

This was happening just prior to my heading off to ontario to go to Sheridan, so once i got their i used this technique once, then put it to rest.  With the exception of during one workshop at missa i was using it on a basket vase and the instructor asked me to demo it to the rest of the class.

I have been working on a series of more organic slip decorated bowls with fluid arbutus branch style handles and added rims.  I might have found the answer to how to implement these luscious details.

In the mean time i have a vase i am experimenting with.  We will see where this little journey takes me.  Everything counts, even failures and pieces i might not be happy with at the time.

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