artist anxiety over, beach find headed for sooke fine arts show
artist anxiety over, sooke fine arts announces the artists accepting into 2016 show

Artist Anxiety, sooke fine arts show 2016 announcements

Artist anxiety, just something we all get to live with, today the results for one events jurying was announced, Bussard Grove Pottery – “Beach Find” got into the Sooke Fine Arts Show 2016,  Every year i know all artists sit holding our breath to see if our work is going to make into the show.  This year was a bit more difficult for me to decide what I should submit.  We had other great shows to submit to up here in Canada…  well i am grateful for making through the jury to be a part of the 30th anniversary show.

to all my fb followers who voted on the three tea pots, you know this one, it came in second in your votes so thank you for voting.  its the reason i submitted it.

The other one was submitted to a different show which i have not heard back from yet.

Congratulations to all others who have work in the show, to all the artists who submitted and are feeling really disappointed right now,  Remember juries are subjective.  Just make your work for yourself, for the joy in the process, and repeat this mantra,

Lila Hum – I am the playfulness of creation,

sending you love and hugs.


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