Om Sva Bhaksha - Day 6

Om Sva Bhaksha – Day 6

This mantra means, “I draw nourishment from my consciousness, my true self.” It affirms that our pure awareness is a limitless reservoir of energy, knowledge, and creativity.
The Key to Positive Input
Positive input nourishes me at every level.

Om Sva Bhaksha
I am nourished by my true self.

day 6 doing it again om sva bhaksha

now to begin, this is my personal experience of todays meditation,  each persons experience is their own, we all have different memories and experiences to draw on that impact our lives, I am sharing this only because I know there are others who have varying forms of depression, i have found a change since i started the meditations.

On this days meditation Deepak and Oprah both talk about positive and negative thoughts and experiences,

how our bodies are a reflection and metaphor of our mind,

today is the key to positive input, overloading systems with negative inputs short circuiting ourselves, it drains you, dims your light and exhausts you.

we are responsible to ourselves for the energy we allow in.  “internalize the positive and keep the negative at bay”  recharge your being

everyday we have experiences, and they all become part of our body, thoughts are processed into bio chemical reactions,

negative input is detrimental, builds up as stress, conflicts pressure poor self image

positive input, and negative input, they are all metabolized, one is heavy, toxic and detrimental, one is light, joyous, the productive.  Positive is guided by our true self, it represents, love, gratitude, satisfying intimacy, compassion lack of conflict peaceful environment ad good self image.

we must make the effort to adopt self care as our default, never allow negative input to build up, pay attention and substitute positive input instead of taking in the negative.  “i really need to work on building this skill”

positive input nourishes me at every level.  


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