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My relationship began enthusiasticly as a 4 year old playing in my Grandma’s studio as she worked.  I loved making things, and can still remember the tools i choose, where i was pleased and techniques i was frustrated with.

In my 40s discontent with my life, working excessive hours in the hospitality industry managing clubs and restaurants, to little time with my growing boys I needed to make a change.  I couldn’t get clay out of my mind.  the yearning to be immersed in the feeling and the scent of clay pulled me back to the world of pottery.  I was hell bent.  Couldnt fill my insatiable appetite fast enough, reading, taking classes and, practiced throwing 8 hours a day at the local co-op studio in tsawwassen.

After 8 years and having a solid pottery business operating from the basement/carport of my home, selling pots to tourists from all over the world at the tsawwassen ferry terminal, wholesale gift shows, teaching pottery classes, and attending as many workshops as i could afford.  I still franticly felt like I need to somehow fast track my learning.

So it was off to Art School!  I headed for Ontario, Sheridan College of Art and Design.  and Alberta College of Art and Design

I have been potting for over twenty five years now.

the excitment of heading to the studio, ebbs and flows.  When it flows it is exhilarating, when it ebbs, i remind myself, struggles are growing time.  I experience these regularly, building on the experience of the past 25 years and challenging myself to continue to grow and develop as an artist

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