Pottery Classes,

come play in the mud

Pottery Is the New Pilates, and Macramé Takes Away the Crazy

wheel throwing class

wheel class

Jan 24th, 6-8 plus 2 hours practice till 10pm

$280.00 plus pst

MINIMUM 3 student for class to run/maximum registration is 3 students


week 1 Р4, four consecutive classes, 2 hours of instruction followed by 2 hours of open practice time,

week 5 is open studio to complete all work in preparation for firing.

week 6 is no class week, its bisque firing time.

week seven is glaze week,

week 8 is pick up pots and talk about the results.


students will advance at their own speed, plenty of individual attention.

Must have 3 students for the class to run, maximum 4 students. 1 bag of clay firing and finishing included. I can not accommodate free make up classes.

If you would like your own private class, fees are 60.00 an hour.

all students are expected to clean up space, tools and equipment they have used prior to leaving.

The class time includes two hours of instruction and 2 hours open studio time for the students of that class. For now it is set up to happen after the instruction portion of the first class to accommodate new students, and during the first class we can talk about what will work best, The open time could happen after the teaching time, or 15 minute set up have the class and then an hour and 30 after the instructional part. *For the format to change all have to be in agreement.

standard is for the class instruction to begin 1/2 hour after the studio is open, i teach and assist students for 2 hours then they work on their own. This helps students develop confidence and to see where they want more help.


HandBuilding classes

16 in diameter Handbuilt Bowls
$280.00 plus pst
March 21 start date
yes you can make large beautiful hand build bowls!

class begins , 7-9 pm
Using a mold we will create your own unique decorative large salad bowl. The bowl will be ample enough to hold a generous amount of fruit, large caesar salad or sit on the counter to receive compliments and admiration from your guests.
March 21, week one we will create the bowl using a hump form and the slab roller, extrude the foot ring, position and apply the foot ring, and look at a number of decoration options from which you will decide to use on your bowl, to be applied
week 2. there will be homework.
March 28, week two, exterior decorating, then bowl forms will be removed from the mold, cleaned up, altering, and rims/handles will be added.
April 4, week three, interior decorating, for those who are speedsters, begin second bowl, using a hump form and the slab roller, option to throw a foot ring and a rim to add next week
April 11, week four, finish decorating bowl one, those working on second bowl, bowl forms will be removed from the mold, add thrown or extruded rim, cleaned up, altering, and rims/handles will be added. (those who have not taken the throwing class can extrude rims and foot rings) feet are another option to consider. all work must be completed this class
April 18, week five, no class, drying and bisque firing time
April 25, week 6 glaze week!
May 2 , week 7 sanding bottoms, reviewing, show and tell, class collect work and celebrate

Tourism Edutainment sessions

info to come

Please put me on the class announcement priority list

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