Humiliated, demeaned,

[hyoo-mil-ee-eyt or, often, yoo-]
verb (used with object), humiliated, humiliating.
to cause (a person) a painful loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity; mortify.

I know there are a few good teachers out there, i had the experience of three through out my public school education, would private school have been any better, i doubt it.  when i was in grade two we were all divided into three groups, beavers, the smart kids who got the best marks and finished their work first, bears, the kids who were perceived to worked hard and had good marks, and bunnies…thinking back i find it perplexing how intuitive children are, I don’t remember it ever being said but everyone knew the bunnies were the “dumb bunnies”,  the ones with the poor grades, the ones the teach always yelled at, the ones the teacher hit with the pointer in front of the class, the ones who were not able to conform to the status quo of the un inspired teacher.

To this day, i can still feel the terror and humiliation of being pulled up in front of the class, hit with the stick, yelled at, threaten with the strap if we didn’t work faster.  i can still remember looking the pages in the book and not being able to see the words.  white wiggly lines ran up and down..  When i did see the words, i couldn’t figure out What did those words even mean?  Back then I don’t think they even knew what dyslexia was.

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