65 and I planned my own trip to europe

65 and I planned my own trip to europe

Hi, for the first time in my life i went to France, Spain and Italy with my partner and husband.  I had never been to anywhere in Europe and he had been over for work about 10 years ago.  

The first part was deciding that once we arrived we would travel by train.  So i purchases a Euro Rail pass.  We went in style with a 1st class senior pass which allowed 10 trips over a period of 2 months.  Their app has a convenient planner that allows you to plan out and change your trip as many times as you like.  

I started with my list of places i thought i most wanted to see, got out a calendar and roughed out how many days we could spend in each city or town based on when our flights were scheduled for.  We had 28 days.  Yes its true i started planning and adjusting in December of 2021 and enjoyed the process as i was also finding out more information about the places i had planned to stop and the places that showed up on routes that i thought i should check into as well.

Most of our accommodations were booked through Expedia, and we were thrilled with all of them.  I have to say we also choose to stay on economical but mid range, we still wanted comfort.  I will share all details as this goes along with photos and foibles and fluffers that happened along the way.

I am not an expert on Europe but we both felt like our experience was once in a life time amazing.  


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