pottery classes and workshops

COVID-19 all classes have been cancelled    classes will not be  considered to resume until i can be vaccinated.

sample of the classes

everyone gets their own wheel to work on. classes are a combination throwing and hand building techniques, with project ideas, all levels can be accommodated.
evening classes 6-8:30      afternoon class - 1-3:30

week 1,  – 4 consecutive classes, 2.5 hours of instruction 
week 5 complete all work
week 6 is glaze CLASS week,
week 7 pots picked up and reviewed

INCLUDES ONE BAG OF CLAY, ALL GLAZES, SLIPS under glazes bisque firing and glaze firing each student has access to fill one and half shelves maximum height 6 inches. shelves are 23 in. round

additional exceptions can be fired for .10 cents per square inch.
students will advance at their own speed, plenty of individual attention.
Must have 3 students for the class to run, maximum 4 students. 1 bag of clay firing and finishing included. I can not accommodate free make up classes.