Centering clay on the wheel

step one is coning the clay up and down on the wheel to get it centered.  Standard practice is three times up and down, Once it is  centered you can start creating the vessel.  up into a cone, down into a hamburger bun shape.

sit close to your wheel, keep your elbows in and on your thighs, use the leverage from your body not just your arms

2 opening up


compress your base, both thumbs from 12 oclock to six oclock and back smoothing out the base. this prevents s cracks


pulling up your walls, everyone develops their favourite ways, you will develop your own dance

slow wheel to 1/3 speed, moving up too fast causes weak spots, breath,

the first hand position i use is the claw. left hand.

always try to keep your hands connected in some way.  keep your elbows in, on your thighs if possible.

second type of hand position. Left hand inside supporting the wall, right hand outside at about the the 4 o'clock position.

cleaning up, compressing rim.  remove slip with metal rib, cut off the bat and place on board.

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