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Hi thanks for stopping by, “sharon bussard grove studios” my studio is located in Sooke, BC on vancouver island.  This is my studio where i produce my sculptures and functional pottery.  Occasionally I teach clay classes, check the listings under classes for more information.  My blog postings generally have the most up to date information regarding my practice if it interests you, please sign up for newsletter, it comes out occasionally…but you will be notified of classes and events as soon as they are published. cheers, sharon

When a skill is something you learn growing up through the process of play, you just assume everyone knows how to do that stuff.

about me

A LITTLE BIT OF STUFF ABOUT ME; I grew up Sharon Bussard, born in lethbridge, Alberta.  (for those of you on Vancouver Island, i am not related to jan and helga grove) “My fondest childhood memories are sliding down the banks of the river in Medicine Hat Alberta while my grandma  ALVA BUSSARD and her clay friends dug for clay…. Clay was what I did, I made stuff. Hind site when a skill is something you learn through the process of play you just assume everyone knows how to do that stuff.” I enjoy process, the process of exploring, experimenting, pushing boundaries and asking questions while i am working, I don’t believe any medium allows this like clay. I think of my work as a complete evolution My work ebbs and flows from functional to sculptural.  The subtle nuances of surface and form are always where i can get completely lost. Functional pottery is like home, the hearth, family, getting together, sharing moments and love.  When it all comes right down to it, making a plate, bowl or mug i am always considering how it will become a piece that becomes something to take an active part in the persons life who comes to own it.  I think that is pretty profound.  It isn’t going to sit on on a pedestal to be looked at, it won’t collect dust.  Rather it will join the family for dinner, the good  times and the bad time, it will be the mug of warm comfort or cup of get up and go.  If it is made just right it will be the mug searched for each time the cabinet is opened.  Pretty humbling to consider this small ball of clay through my personal manipulations with become this part of someones life.  functional pottery is my world of peace, love and harmony. Then there is the world of sculpture, comes from an emotional state, experience, or situations i perceive as so obviously wrong in our world.  Ceramics are my medium, no other medium would allow me the options of surface, form, or materials to use to convey a message.  Sp-OILED was a great project, creating oiled looking surface, slip saturating a fuzzy fleece, made from petroleum to create the appearance of oil saturated feathers.  it broke my heart to make this work.  I relate so strongly to animals that while creating this i was often found in tears, as i took my main character from being a vibrant living heron in my mind, to one who had suffered the painful death of an oil spill.  This is how i work through sculpture, any piece i make takes me on a journey of being completely immersed.   My work can be found in numerous private collections nationally and internationally, most notably is part of the permanent collection at the Sanbao Ceramic Arts Institute Museum in Jingdezhen, China. Her home and studio are located in the town of Sooke, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada BFA Alberta College of Art and Design Ceramic Arts – Sheridan College of Art and Design, Ontario

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