My illustrated world

My illustrated world

The vessel is my canvas.  Things just evolve sometimes.  
Two years ago I went through a deep bout of depression.  Many hours of therapy, tears, exhaustion, psychiatrist trips and weekly checkins and what seems to be the correct mixture of anti depressants I am pretty good.  

Adding to that about a year and a half ago I broke my leg on the way down to my studio one Saturday morning.  

Not able to walk on it,  out of boredom and frustration I began sketching and playing with water colours.  Sketching and painting was something I had only done when I had to at art school.  My perfectionist prevented me from trying because i wouldn’t allow myself the opportunity to try because I wasn’t perfect. (Benefit of therapy)

Out of the therapy and daily sketching came my imaginary little dudes.  They might be comfort, curiosity, depression looming, my friend, my someone to visit with or just quietly standing by.  

you can find them on most of my pieces interacting with the other characters in the story.  Sometimes I sketch them on and other times I use ceramic decals I have created from my illustrations. 

This was the beginning of the evolution of my illustrated world.  It’s sentimental, caring and every piece is like a one of a kind piece of art.

thanks for stopping by, supporting my work and me.




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